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A great way for you to support British Biathlon and get something back in return – the regular chance to win cash prizes.

All the money in the Lottery pool is split 50/50 between the BBU and the participants – the BBU gets a valuable contribution towards supporting the athletes while the participants share in the prize money. The bigger the pool, the bigger the benefit to the biathletes and the bigger the prize money available to you.

How it works

You buy as many tickets as you like at a monthly cost of £3 (payable annually). Half the aggregate of all ticket receipts makes up the prize pool. At the end of each calendar quarter a prize draw is made to distribute the pool to the first five tickets drawn in order as follows:
1st Ticket – 50% of the pool
2nd Ticket – 20% of the pool
3rd-5th Tickets – 10% of the pool each


The British Biathlon Lottery is licensed under the Gambling Act 2005:

Small Society Lotteries Registration Number LN/201001352