The Biathlon World Championships ended on Sunday at Holmenkollen Oslo with a feast fit for the watching King Harald V. Following the double success of the Norwegian Women and Men Relay Teams (Friday & Saturday) France’s Marie DORIN HABERT won the penultimate event on Sunday with a clean shoot in the Women’s Mass Start. But, the final race – the Men’s Mass Start was the most exciting of the Championships, as 27,000 ecstatic Norwegians saw their own Johannes Thingnes BOE overtake France’s quadruple Championship Gold Medallist Martin FOURCADE some 200 m from the finish to win by just 2.8 seconds. BOE, at 22 was the youngest man in the field, but it was the oldest – 42 year old Ole Einar BJØRNDALEN who brought tears of joy to the crowd with his clean shoot for 3rd place.


So, not a bad Championships for the King of Biathlon: 1 x Bronze, 2 x Silver plus the Relay GOLD, and, still no confirmation that he will in fact retire!