As well as a good Sprint at the final IBU Cup Amanda LIGHTFOOT was joined by Martin SHAW to ensure that GBR competed in its first ever IBU Cup Single Mixed Relay. Amanda missed 2 targets but Martin shot clear as GBR finished a very creditable 13th from 19 teams.


IBU Cup 8 – Sprint (2) – Women Res     IBU Cup 8 – Sprint (2) – Women IBU Pts

IBU Cup 8 – Single Mixed Relay


Unfortunately, Sandy WISHART was unable to clinch a Trimester 1 qualifier, so cannot start in IBU Cup until January 2017, however both SHAW and Vinny FOUNTAIN did make qualification. With three IBU Cup start places for next season, there will be an extra edge to summer training in Ruhpolding as Alex GLEAVE and Rob SIRCUS are also qualified, as of course are the two current WC athletes, DIXON and LAPONDER. Junior World Champs athlete Sam CAIRNS and those selected for AABDS will also be looking to perform well in the November Selection Races.