All three GBR athletes showed some improvement from last week, with better shooting all-round. Scott Dixon 0-1 and Marcel LAPONDER 1-1 helped to keep the Men in 25th place in the WC Nations Cup. Amanda LIGHTFOOT (3-1) fell and badly bruised her knee during warm-up, but also improved although is still having problems in her Prone shooting.

But the really good news, is that all 3 athletes confirmed their qualification for Trimester 2. Well, we are pretty certain they qualified as there are a couple of anomalies in the IBU Rule book! We hope to definitely confirm over this weekend. Amanda and Scott were already qualified as a result of their good form in Trimester 3 last season, but if Marcel had not done so today, he probably would have been heading for IBU Cup 3 next week!

At the IBU Cup in Ridnaun tomorrow, Vinny Fountain and Robert Sircus only need a slight improvement to qualify for IBU Cup Trimester 2, although a bit more of his old form will be required from Alex GLEAVE.