Almost 20 years after winning his first ever World Cup (Individual, Antholz 1996), and two years after the last of his 7 Olympic Gold Medals, the amazing 41 year old Norwegian, Ole Einar BJØRNDALEN recorded his 95th World Cup victory in the 20 km Individual at WC 1 in Östersund.  Add another 12 World Championship Golds and he is already well over 100 victories. plus a couple in Cross-Country World Cups!

In Wednesday’s 20 km Individual he demolished the field with a clear 0-0-0-0 shoot (his first in the 20 km for 10 years!).  He could “only” manage a bronze medal place in the Sprint, which was won by an imperious Martin FOURCADE FRA. Our congratulations also go to Italy’s Dorothea WIERER who recorded her first WC victory. Just 16 years younger than OEB, “Doro” also recorded 0-0-0-0 to win the Women’s 15 km Individual.