Note: IBU Qualifying Points (IBU QPs) have have replaced “Percentages” (the implications of this to follow next week).

WC 1 Single Mixed Relay WC Nat Cup Pts – Men WC Nat Cup Pts – Women
IBU Cup 1 Sprint 1 IBU Cup 1 Sprint 1 – IBU QPs
IBU Cup 1 Sprint 2 IBU Cup 1 Sprint 2 – IBU QPs IBU Cup Nat Cup Pts – Men

And thanks to Eurosport for their plug today to find a new sponsor for British Biathlon.

We also note some complaints on our FB page that the Single Mixed Relay was not on UK Eurosport, and blamed the tennis! It was never scheduled to be live on UK Eurosport and as a fellow NGB we offer our sincere congratulations to the LTA and the GBR Davis Cup Team on becoming World Champions for the first time since 1936. And, we were delighted to watch on Eurosport!