The BBU Board


The Board sets the strategy for, and oversees the running of, the British Biathlon Union.

It comprises a mix of Appointed, Elected and Co-Opted Directors. The Articles of Association (Part 2) provide full details. In summary:

  • The Board membership will range between a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve directors
  • The roles of Chairman, Secretary General, Sports Director and Finance Director are appointments made by the Board
  • The Board may appoint up to a further six directors and may also Co-opt two further directors from time to time
  • Up to two directors may be elected by the membership at the AGM to serve for two years, after which they can stand for re-election for a further two years
  • The appointment of all Appointed and Co-opted Directors (except Sec Gen, Sports and Finance) must be ratified by the membership at the next General Meeting following their appointment
  • The Athletes Representative attends all Board meeting (without counting towards the maximum of twelve) and is entitled to vote

The Board usually meets between three and four times a year. Minutes of these meeting are published and can be found here

The current composition of the Board is:



Secretary General & Finance Director

Mark Goodson
Appointed: 23 Oct 1996

To retire 30 Apr 17




Sport & Technical Director

Eddy Lowe BEM
Appointed: 23 Oct 1996

To retire 30 Apr 17 




Director Military Liaison

Col Adrian Thurgood
Appointed: 30 Oct 2015
Board Member since 29 Jan 2012

To retire 30 Apr 17


Director Special Projects




Member Elected Director

Carl Carrier
Elected: 27 Jan 2013
Re-election: 2018


2nd member Elected Director:



Athletes Representative

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