You can influence the running of the BBU by becoming a full Voting Member. This entitles you to attend the Annual General Meeting (and any other General Meetings) either in person or by proxy, voice your opinion and vote on resolutions. You also need to be a Member if you wish to put yourself forward for election to the Board (see here for more information).


Membership of the BBU costs £15.00 Annually (or EUR 15.00 for those who compete at the British Championships, who automatically become members as their race entry fees cover Membership)


Membership is different from being a member of the Supporters Club which provides you with a range of benefits and the BBU with valuable income (but does not give you the voting rights you get with Membership of the BBU). Another way that you can support us is by participating in the Lottery. You can join any combination of these three (BBU Membership, BBU Supporters Club, BBU Lottery) - the choice is yours.
The BBU is delighted to welcome new Members and values you joining the British "Biathlon Family".

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