GBR Team Selection – Trimester 2.


At the conclusion of Trimester 1, the following athletes have been selected for Trimester 2:


World Cup (Manager: Daniel GRAF GER; Wax Technician: Ilario MADDALIN ITA; Coach: Wolfgang PICHLER GER;


Cpl Amanda LIGHTFOOT                  AGC

Scott DIXON                                       CBNSC


IBU Cup (Manager / Coach: Bdr Lee-Steve JACKSON 16 Regt RA)


Due to clash with the Army Regional & Army Champs, GBR is most unlikely to enter IBU Cup in Trimester 2.


LBdr Vinny FOUNTAIN   16 Regt RA

Cpl Alex GLEAVE            1 CS Bn REME

Gnr Martin SHAW            26 Regt RA

Hldr Sandy WISHART      4 SCOTS


LCpl Emma DREW             6 Regt RLC


IBU Junior Cup (Self-financed; self-supported)


Holly REES-LAY                  TVNSC / CBNSC